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Local Authority

Local Authorities are multi-faceted organisations which can require help in numerous ways, from health and safety of employees to planning and environmental health. Castle have worked in this sector for many years, providing expert solutions for a wide range of applications.

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The main functions of a local authority which Castle Group can help with include:


Responsible for development control (individual planning applications), production of Local Development Plans, implementing and enforcing Design and Access Statements, Local Development Frameworks, implementation of national and local planning policies, protection of the local environment, local economic development, enforcement, transport policy and planning.


Building Control
Responsible for implementation of the Building Regulations to ensure buildings meet the minimum requirements for health and safety and fire legislation. Responsible for enforcing Parts B and M of the Building Regulations (which refer to means of escape and access), and for ensuring buildings (including new housing) comply with the regulations.


Leisure and entertainment
Provision of local authority parks, sports facilities, concert halls, and so on, many of which are run by external contractors. Community and town councils often control community halls and run public parks and sports facilities.


Environmental health
Controls noise, smoke, pests, animal disease, refuse collection, food standards, burial grounds and crematoria, public conveniences, allotments and consumer protection.


Fire service
Provision, training and equipping of fire staff.


Services Castle Group provide include:
Health and Safety


Occupational Hygiene


Health Surveillance







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