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Measure for Me – cost effective data-collection and measurement.

The Measure for me data-service from Castle is designed to offer measurement results without the hassle of product ownership, rental or without the expense of a full consultancy.


For a fixed fee per week, Castle will install and set-up relevant measurement equipment on your site and then will manage and maintain it. We then process the results which will be sent to you in a simple document. There will be no analysis or reporting and the data will be delivered in a simple format.


There are many applications where this approach can be a viable option and below are some examples of what some of these can be. If you have another application, then please contact us as this will normally be a simple matter employing other forms of equipment.


  • Environmental Noise
  • Environmental Vibration
  • Environmental Air Sampling
  • Soil Quality Testing using fixed monitoring stations
  • Hand-Arm Vibration tool testing
  • Noise at work data collection or dosimetry
  • Personal Air Sampling
  • Environmental Light Assessments

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