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Habitat Surveys

Protecting the ecology on a site is a matter of commercial preservation. The failure to comply with regulations and guidance on the protection of habitat for certain species can lead to serious consequences that can easily be avoided.


Establishing a baseline for the ecology on any site is highly important for gauging any sensitive issues and for determining any impact of future works. This is an essential part of site management as a way of protecting the company from enforcement action.


Castle’s dedicated and highly skilled ecologists can ensure that you comply with all the applicable regulations and ensure planning applications contain all the relevant information. The specific services we can deliver are covered below.


Baseline ecological survey:

  • Phase 1 habitat survey (extended/enhanced as required for ecological assessment)
  • RCS, RHS
  • Desk studies, data/literature review

Ecological Assessment covering the full range of projects including:

  • ROMP Applications
  • Pre-purchase risk assessment
  • Support with planning applications
  • Planning appeals
  • Environmental Statements
  • Project & Plan based appropriate assessment

We employ standard guidelines for EcIA:

  • IEEM Guidelines
  • IEMA (IEA) Guidelines for Baseline Ecological Assessment
  • EA procedures
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