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Traffic Surveys

There are many reasons why you might want to monitor traffic and this is usually carried out where there is a proposed change to the use of a road. This might include.


  • Road works
  • Construction sites
  • Proposed manufacturing plants
  • Distributions centres
  • New traffic management schemes
  • The effect on residential areas
  • New housing developments


It might be that there is a planning requirement or a regulation that must be adhered to, or sometimes local authorities just need to know. In any case, measuring the traffic is often quite straight forward and surprisingly informative.


There are various ways of conducting traffic surveys, depending on the application and the type of data required.


  • Video systems
  • Skilled manual surveyors
  • Automatic Traffic Counting (ATC) Systems
  • GPS based vehicle tracking systems.

At Castle, we can carry out many different types of project and some examples are listed below.


  • Turning Counts at junctions and major intersections
  • Link Flow Traffic Counts
  • Vehicle, Pedestrian and Cyclist Origin-Destination Surveys
  • Vehicle Registration Number Plate Surveys / ANPR
  • Road Side Interview Surveys
  • On and Off Street Parking Surveys
  • Journey Time Surveys by Bus, Car, Walk, Cycle
  • Congestion Monitoring (vehicle speeds, flow and occupancy)
  • Temporary Automatic Traffic Counter (ATC) Speed Surveys
  • Permanent ATC installation, maintenance and operation
  • ATC Traffic Light Violation Surveys
  • Pedestrian and Cyclist Surveys
  • Rail and Bus Punctuality, Ticketing and Patronage Surveys
  • Roadside Air Quality Monitoring
  • Data Input & Verification
  • Data Collection Consultancy
  • Bluetooth Vehicle & Pedestrian Tracking
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