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Hearing checks form the cornerstone of a good hearing conservation programme and should always be part of compliance with the Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005.


Castle can provide training and equipment to get you set up to carry out your own audiometric testing programme ( or we can conduct the testing on your behalf.


Our trained audiometricians can either bring equipment into your organisation providing you have a ‘quiet’ space for conducting the tests or we can arrange for a mobile unit to be brought to site, which contains the equipment and an audiometric booth.


Each test will then come with its own set of results and a recommendation for further action.


  • On-site hearing tests using your equipment
  • On-site testing using a ‘quiet’ room
  • Mobile audiometry


The mobile units can also be used for conducting other health surveillance testing, so this can be carried out at the same time.


  • Lung Function testing
  • HAVS Vibration health surveillance
  • General health screening
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